European iLearn project

iLEARN is an Erasmus+ KA229 educational project that combines and puts into action some of the most relevant modern learning theories and tools, aiming to realize the “class of the future”: challenge and inquiry based learning, flipped classroom, e-learning and ICT tools (learn how to present, video making and theatre, augmented and virtual reality). These innovative tools and methodologies are more or less available to most schools that teachers need to applicate not partially, based on separate training experiences, but holistically as proposed by the project's methodology, resulting in meaningful and efficient learning outputs.

1) Manfredini Middle School, Italy (Fondazione Sant'Agostino)
2) Pascal English School of Lemessos, Cyprus
3) Nea Genia Ziridis, Greece (Ekpedeftiki Shareholder Ltd)
4) La Salle Paterna, Spain (Hermanos Escuelas Cristianas-Colegio LaSalle).

Durring the first and the second mobility, students had the chance to learn about filmaking, collaborate, design experiments, conduct research at Milans Science Museum as well as the Attika Zoo Park and experience outdoors learning in Italy and Greece. 

You can see a video here

Nea Genia Ziridis i-Learn Team:

* Evelina Glymbi, MSc. Philologist

* Katerina Komioti, MSc. Philologist

* Athena Kladou, MSc. Philologist

* Virginia Kouklada, MSc. Philologist

* Tassos Bokos, MSc. Theologist

* Elena Nikolopoulou, PhD Biologist

* Efi Papageorgiou, PhD Chemist

* Konstantinos Sampanis, MSc. Technology Teacher

* Eirini Siotou, MSc. Physicist, Head of the Science & RnD Department