Why choose the Nea Genia Ziridis Kindergarten?

  1. Children are happy and grow in a safe and stimulating environment feeling accepted, respected and loved. 
  2. Children discover their individual inclinations and talents cultivating self-esteem and self-confidence.
  3. Each child is approached individually, according to his/her needs.
  4. Learning is hands – on and supports discovery, exploration, experimentation and play. 
  5. Children develop as all-rounded personalities (mentally, emotionally, socially and physically).
  6. Children learn essential personal skills (e.g. autonomy, responsibility) and social skills (e.g. cooperation, mediation). 
  7. Children acquire the necessary foundations and skills to become citizens of the world.

Our educational curriculum includes the following programmes taught by different professionals e.g. psychologists, music teachers, etc.

  • Ziridis Bilingual Programme (daily hands- on English through songs, play, experiments, science, maths and literature)
  • Music and movement
  • Swimming 
  • Drama -  Theatrical Play 
  • Occupational & speech therapy assessment 
  • educational visits and excursions
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Anti-bullying and Team-building programmes 


Innovative Programmes within our Educational Programme

  • Charisma: Detection, development and cultivation of children’s strengths, inclinations and talents
  • Cross-curricular approach and Project work
  • Reggio Emilia Approach
  • Co-operative group projects
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Life skills programmes (e.g. Student helpers, Mediators etc)

Facilities – Infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art facilities are ecological, made from non-toxic materials and enable students to practise all academic, athletic, and artistic activities in their natural surroundings. Botanical Gardens and a playground surround the Kindergarten.
School and  family are connected through innovative programmes engaging parents in the educational process, such as: "Star" of the week, The class ‘Mascot’ travelling home, the completion and presentation of a personal portfolio and personalized learning plan.






Σχετικα Νεα

Στο πλαίσιο υποστήριξης και ενίσχυσης του αθλητισμού στο σχολείο, παρουσιάστηκε το νέο αθλητικό πρόγραμμα, καθώς και τα αθλητικά τμήματα, για τη σχολική χρονιά 2016-17.
Summer School 2016
Summer School «Μαθαίνω και αθλούμαι παίζοντας» στη Νέα Γενιά Ζηρίδη, από 16 Ιουνίου έως 14 Ιουλίου, για παιδιά 2.5-12 ετών.